Official Name Change Documentation

This is the offical documentation surrounding the name changes made.
Israel Adrian Simila was changed to Isreal Avas Cea.
Isreal Avas Cea was changed again due to the fact that said person was in no way shape or form ever similar to/associated with the nation of Israel or it's people (Jews, Israeli) past, present or future.

This is a legal change and was done to reflect a correction to a previous error. This was finalized in court nearly twenty years after the initial assessment. During that twenty years it was determined that there was no possible evidence to state otherwise.

Notice in the application, line 3a, the process was advertised in a newspaper to meet legal requirements. It was made public that the procedure would be done legally in order to correct an incorrect answer.

In the decree, line 2c, no objections were made, to the change, in court. Really, at that point what were they going to do? Pretend that the actual person (Yes physical and intellectually) had always been someone else? The facts were concrete. The change was made to more accurately reflect the actual person past, present and future.

Declaration of intent and application. Page 1.
Page 1, Declaration

Decree and legal court document. Document validating application.